Saturday, April 12, 2008

Spring is here!

I've seen lots of crocuses blooming, the peepers are peeping and the air has a different fresh smell. I haven't had to worry about weather reports or put on my boots. I did have a contest with my son as we were driving back from the dentist looking for remaining patches of snow among the tall birches!

Just started on another aqua peyote stitch necklace. Maybe I'll make another "mermaid "onelike the one pictured. It does take a long time for me since I am constantly interrupted by teaching and being a mom. I know that the teacher and mom part have great long term benefits (and some immediate smiles and warm moments too).

Last night I was in awe as my son (10) danced the night away at a junior high dance I helped chaperone! Where did he learn those moves?!!!!