Monday, October 20, 2008

Red trees, long black trunks and golden fluff behind them.

   I am carrying my camera everywhere I go as fall stages it's short but spectacular annual performance. On my way to work there is an amazing red tree! Just outside of the school building are long trunks with an ever changing background. Walking the back way after a rain yields the most spectacular reflections in the  blacktop puddle. I love this time of year!

This is a a beautiful time of year!

  I loved the "Fall Frolic" put on by some dedicated members of our church. The scenery itself made the day. No doubt in my mind that God is an artist in the highest form. There are rivers that meet (someone told me five), and a hill that places you high enough to feel as if you are viewing your magical kingdom. Grassy knoll, blue swift waters and rolling hills in the distance.
There is a camp there in summer and a private school the rest of the year.
   Children sled down the hill  primed with hay. Their sleds were wide pieces of cardboard that carried them squealing  with delight!
   A hay ride followed. The wagon was decorated with corn husks, balloons, scarecrows and even a string of pumpkin lights. We went for a giggly bumpy ride and munched on chocolate treats.  It seemed as if some of the young boys were more excited about chasing the hay wagon then riding in it! Not that we were hungry, but there were sugar cookies to decorate, faces to be painted, relay races and crafts. All this underneath the bluest of skies, a crisp and sparkly day, the light rustle of red, gold and orange leaves.
   The day closed it's eyes slowly during a pot luck dinner in the school/camp dining hall as the river turned to gold and I watched through the silhouette of the gazebo. A day of peace.

Fall is amazing in Maine!

 I am in awe at the beauty before me each day of October in Maine.  On Sunday our church held a wonderful family event that was a delight for all, but mostly fun to watch the kids have a blast! 

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New paint on the lobster buoys!

I drove down to the harbor with my son and on the way saw these lobster buoys freshly painted and looking ready for the water. I love the patterns and color and it happened to be evening and it all struck me as so beautiful.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Spring is here!

I've seen lots of crocuses blooming, the peepers are peeping and the air has a different fresh smell. I haven't had to worry about weather reports or put on my boots. I did have a contest with my son as we were driving back from the dentist looking for remaining patches of snow among the tall birches!

Just started on another aqua peyote stitch necklace. Maybe I'll make another "mermaid "onelike the one pictured. It does take a long time for me since I am constantly interrupted by teaching and being a mom. I know that the teacher and mom part have great long term benefits (and some immediate smiles and warm moments too).

Last night I was in awe as my son (10) danced the night away at a junior high dance I helped chaperone! Where did he learn those moves?!!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Moosewinks Blog day 1

Rain, rain, rain! I like the sound. We've had so much snow this winter, that if it was a bit colder outside, I'd probably hear Dana our plow guy coming down the street.

Today I am scanning some jewelry photos. Getting ready to re do my website. Maybe I'll even work on some jewelry. The pink bracelet I just scanned reminds me that spring is on it's way. Hooray!