Monday, November 15, 2010

November Sunset

While on my way to a "girls gathering" for sixth graders, I saw the sun setting over a little pond in Woolwich. Ahhhh the beauty and serenity. A bat flying above, a walking stick leaning against the route 127 sign, the smell of wood smoke in the air and sheer beauty in the sky and reflections.

The girls gathering was great fun too. We packed boxes of toys and candy and toiletries for children overseas in third world countries, made and ate homemade pizza, told stories like "our most embarrassing moments" and "what makes you crack up?" We learned how to make gelatin prints, and enjoyed hanging out other than Sunday morning at Sunday school.

Kids love this stuff. I encourage anyone who can to plan a night out for kids that is fun and also may encourage some values such as empathy, giving, thinking beyond ourselves. The individual conversations that came out of this were wonderful. Kids still like it when adults join them on their level. I had a blast!