Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Crocus Blooms Freeform Peyote Stitch Beaded Necklace

This is one of my recent necklaces that I've just put on Etsy. You can see it at my moosewinks shop: I'm very happy with the way it turned out. It's shorter than many I've made, but still full of sparkle and texture.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Art Fire

I just signed up to be a seller/buyer on Art Fire. It's similar to Etsy. Not quite sure how you'll find me yet on Art Fire... still figuring that out. Probably best to just go to Art Fire and search for Moosewinks. I will also put a link to an interesting Art Fire blog which selects random items and allows you to click on them if interested. Clicking on the images will lead you to that person's Art Fire page. Go to
So now I have jewelry on Art Fire and Etsy! I hope it won't be confusing. This is the free form peyote stitch bracelet I just put on Art Fire, and it is also on Etsy!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Big Snowstorm !

Yesterday brought lots of snow. Well, I call it lots when I go outside and it is past my knees! I think it is quite beautiful and somehow relaxes me. I remember an old friend in high school days who wrote a song about God and snow. One of the lines in it was something like this :
You see when I die, I want to be covered over, I want to be as white as snow, so when the heavens look down on meeeeee....none of my wretchedness will show. His name was Jimmy Hunter (can't believe I remember) and it truly was a beautiful song. It was back then that I became aware that I needed God and my life changed.

So we stayed in until the plow guy came. I was able to take a few more pictures and set up my Google Analytics. I'll check tomorrow to see if I've done it right. There are some great tutorials in the Etsy forums on how to set this up as well as interpret them. Sweetfigments has a helpful one on her blog:

I was even able to put a new charm bracelet up in my Etsy store. It's at the top of this post. What do you think?
check it out in my Etsy shop:

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Make a banner for your Etsy shop

Etsy is a great site! I found a tutorial on how to make a banner for your Etsy shop using a free photo editing program called Picasa 3. You have to go to Rachelsaprons blog to find out more. Her blog is fun to read and she even has a great fudge recipe on it! I already downloaded Picasa3 and now I'll try making the new banner.

Well, I can't use Picasa3 with my computer, so I did some research about other photo editing programs. Nothing for now that makes Etsy banners that easily. So THANK YOU so much to Rachel who helped me create one! Wow, how nice of her! Now I have to think about saving money for another computer in the future. With technology changing so rapidly. what we have becomes a dinosaur much sooner than we like! My new banner is at the top of this post!
You can se how it looks on my Etsy Shop by clicking :

Free form peyote stitch bracelet picture

Brrrrrrrrr it's cold in Maine! Yesterday the car actually started at -16 degrees! That's good because I was told by the mechanic at my last oil change that I should consider getting a new battery. Hoping that it will hold out a bit longer, but at these temps, I may not have much time. I can't complain though when I hear it was 50 below north of here.

I put a new bracelet picture on my etsy site and mentioned it in one of the forums. I wanted some feedback on the photograph because it was a close up on a model's hand and I was concerned that the hand looked "cut-off". Some of the comments suggested that I take another photo and show more of the hand, and another suggestion was a black background. That's my next project. Here is the photograph I am talking about. You can see more views on the hand, and by itself by going to my Etsy site: free form peyote stitch bracelet in earth tones

I'd be happy to hear your opinion!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Cold but Creative!

The temps are in the single digits and I am dreaming of warm summer days! That's why it's fun to pull out one of my Twist and Wiggle bracelets in "Florida ocean aqua " to get inspired. I don't remember who coined that phrase, but I think my cousin Nancy was making these about the same time I started. I taught some friends how to make them one day and we all had a blast. I remember a stunning black and silver one made by Inge. Wish I had a picture. They are fun to wear because of the way they softly move with you. I think that quite a few beaders have done this type of bracelet, yet they all come out so interestingly and full of texture.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Snow and Tradewind Bracelets!

It's snowing like crazy as I glance out the window. My son is making a marble contraption on the living room floor, and soon we'll trudge through the snow, start the car and head out to church. I do love it!
  Yesterday I worked on some more photos for my etsy site. It was a good idea to buy the portable cloth light box. It improves my photos. I have switched from black backgrounds to white, and I like that cleaner brighter look better. I find that the light still has to be daylight to get better images. Perhaps I need to invest in some good spot lights next.
  So I am posting new images of bracelets that are also on my etsy site:

Saturday, January 3, 2009

When I had more time I used to create visual journals. Recently I found a link to my own website ( where I have images of some of those journal pages. I miss working in them. There are several journals on my bookshelves filled with pages of thoughts and memories. Art surrounds and intermingles with the words. I need to get back to that. It is a wonderful way to express oneself, and later it triggers memories in ways that only pictures can.
Below are two bracelets that I have for sale on my etsy site (http// It takes awhile to learn how to put items on the site, but it really isn't too hard. The challenge is keeping track of what is on your site, any interest in it, proper shipping costs, timeliness of mailing purchased items to the buyer, and photographing new work. Reading the forums is helpful if you have time, and understanding how things "move" on etsy is a good idea. I have read that it is good to be a part of etsy conversations as it encourages other etsy members to look at your work.

Memory wire bracelet on my etsy site

Pink Bracelet that is also on my etsy site

Learnig about ETSY

I am learning about as I post pictures and write about jewelry that I've created. It is such a huge site, especially jewelry. I can find my work there, but I don't know how anyone else can without talking to me or seeing work on my website first. So many ways to connect in cyberspace that it can be overwhelming. I have sold my work there so it is exciting to do that.
I can see how people are successful with it if they spend lots of time on the computer, photographing, and mailing work. Where do they have the time to actually create? With being a mom, teaching, keeping up with household tasks and much much more, I barely get a moment to myself. When I do I am feeling brain dead and definitely blocked artistically.
So, vacation has been lovely giving me some extra moments with less pressure to be someplace always. I actually took a few more photographs of my jewelry and put them up on etsy. I'll post some of the pictures here.