Saturday, January 17, 2009

Free form peyote stitch bracelet picture

Brrrrrrrrr it's cold in Maine! Yesterday the car actually started at -16 degrees! That's good because I was told by the mechanic at my last oil change that I should consider getting a new battery. Hoping that it will hold out a bit longer, but at these temps, I may not have much time. I can't complain though when I hear it was 50 below north of here.

I put a new bracelet picture on my etsy site and mentioned it in one of the forums. I wanted some feedback on the photograph because it was a close up on a model's hand and I was concerned that the hand looked "cut-off". Some of the comments suggested that I take another photo and show more of the hand, and another suggestion was a black background. That's my next project. Here is the photograph I am talking about. You can see more views on the hand, and by itself by going to my Etsy site: free form peyote stitch bracelet in earth tones

I'd be happy to hear your opinion!

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Anonymous said...

Love your picture!! Fabulous FF beading!