Monday, September 28, 2009

Haystack Soothes and Inspires

A weekend in September sparkle, surrounded by beauty and creativity. Push your cares away for the weekend and go back to a time where you could create for hours of intensity only to stop briefly for a delicious meal with colleagues or a walk to the ocean for a breath of pure sea air.

Not much time for sleeping, but when you did it was hunkered way down in the sleeping bag and maybe a hat on your head to keep the chill night air from enveloping you.

So much happened in a short time. Prints were pulled, paintings still freshly applied to canvas, wood carved, glass jewelry fusing in the kiln, wire sculpture and burned hands! I loved walking through the various studios talking to artists and getting ideas from their creations.

I made linoleum prints and fell in love with the process again. It's been many years since I carved into that stuff and it felt good.

Haystack is a retreat for artists and I highly recommend it. It is in Deer Isle, Maine and stunningly beautiful. If you can pull yourself away from the views you might get some art made.

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