Friday, August 7, 2009

Nutmeg and Cinnamon Pendant

I finally finished another pendant. Sometimes I sell my very elaborate freeform peyote stitch necklaces at shows and customers love them, but feel the aren't affordable. I've tried to make something that is just as beautiful, but not quite as involved so I could keep the prices down. I've completed a very earthy brown one I am calling "Nutmeg and Cinnamon". A link to my etsy shop where it is for sale is here:


Anonymous said...

That's too bad that you have to try making lower priced items. I think the people who truly appreciate the amount of work you put into your designs will pay the full amount. Your work is great!

moosewinks said...

Thanks for your comment Christina. I will still continue the other pieces and I know they will still sell. I don't mind making lower priced items, we are all feeling the pinch these days.