Saturday, December 18, 2010

Purple Bracelet

My favorite color, purple. Sometimes I am surprised that I don't create more in this color. When I look at what I have in my bead collection I also see lots of aqua so I better say my two favorite colors are purple and aqua. This is a fun one to wear. Very fringy and textural. I also have ankle bracelets in my etsy shop that are similar to this. Maybe this is strange, but I like to take the bracelet, curl it up in my hand and hold it. It feels good! OK, so I'm weird. It looks good around your wrist.

It is for sale for $22 in my Etsy shop. go to this link : purple bracelet

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CharmN Jewelry said...

Nice post, thanks for sharing I really love the bracelet and I'm excited to make one too. This holiday season I'm looking forward for some gold charm bracelet.